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Did you know that a certain massage technique can give you an instant facelift (cheekbones on point) and maybe even help improve your body’s resistance against infection? 

No matter how much effort you put into skincare, the state of your health will always have an impact on your physical appearance. Sleepless nights or alcohol can explain your puffy face or under-eye bags in the morning. The good news is, apart from starting a healthier lifestyle, issues such as puffiness/swelling, under-eye bags, dullness, and more can be easily addressed by lymphatic drainage massage using a microcurrent facial roller.


How does it work? Below are some fast facts about the lymphatic system, how it affects your complexion, and how the microcurrent facial roller figures into this skin situation. 

What Is The Lymphatic System And Its Functions?

The lymphatic system is a network of tubes that transport fluid all over the body. As part of the immune system, it has many functions: maintenance of body fluid levels, protection from foreign invaders, absorption and disposal of fat, and cellular waste removal. The fluid or lymph passes through the lymph nodes which act as filters that stop bacteria and other harmful substances that can cause health problems.     

For the lymphatic system to work properly, it relies on muscle contraction and the overall lifestyle of an individual (diet, exercise, or the nonexistence of one or both). Lymphatic dysfunction occurs when lymph nodes do not filter properly causing fluid buildup. This results in swelling of body parts such as the arms and legs. 

A chain of lymph nodes runs all over the face and neck areas. Lymphatic dysfunction in these zones may manifest as puffiness, dryness, dullness, sagging, and bumps and lumps in all the wrong places. Aside from adopting a healthier lifestyle and being more active, one convenient method to support your body’s transport system is called the lymphatic drainage massage.     

Benefits Of A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is a lymphatic drainage massage?


Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique based on the natural flow of the body’s lymphatic system aiming to boost its draining capabilities.   

Supporting this bodily function helps improve other biological processes such as healing and regeneration. The same technique works for the face and neck areas. Lymphatic stimulation has a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Decreased puffiness - Fluid buildup results in swelling. Specific massaging actions following the lymphatic flow to circulate stagnant fluid and eventually drain it. This helps alleviate and deflate swelling. 


  1. Brighter complexion - Poor circulation gives off a dull skin appearance. Lymphatic massages enhance the flow and drainage of the lymph, ensuring that vital nutrients are transported to where they are needed the most. You get well-nourished skin that glows with health.   


  1. Improve acne-prone skin - Lymph that accumulates in nodes may contain toxins that can cause inflammation. This can aggravate acne-prone and oily skin. Improved drainage gets rid of these harmful toxins to help heal acne and prevent further formation.  


  1. Relax tired-looking skin - Just like any other massage, the lymphatic drainage method is also meant to revive the skin and improve overall well-being. Kneading techniques with the help of tools bring you to new heights of rest and relaxation. 

How To Use A Microcurrent Facial Roller For Lymphatic Drainage

How To Use A Microcurrent Facial Roller For Lymphatic Drainage

What is a microcurrent facial roller?

DEFINITION A microcurrent facial roller is a facial massage tool that utilizes safe and soft waves of electrical current to stimulate the skin. 

The use of a microcurrent facial roller helps to dramatically improve lymphatic drainage plus a host of other skin rejuvenating benefits. Dubbed the non-invasive facelift, a microcurrent facial uses low-grade electrical current to stimulate the muscles on the face. Facial muscles also age as you do. That's why giving them a little jolt (of microcurrent) at least once a month is highly beneficial. Most microcurrent facial fans describe it as a facial muscle workout.

Here’s an essential guide to using a microcurrent facial roller or any type of facial roller:  

Forehead Area

Under Eye Area

Do upward rolling strokes to the direction of the hairline

Roll away from the under-eye area, starting from the inside to the cheeks

Chin Area

Neck Area

Do upward rolling strokes from the center of the chin going towards the earlobe

Roll with downward strokes, away from the neck area 

Try This: Vora Microcurrent Facial Roller

How To Use A Microcurrent Facial Roller For Lymphatic Drainage

The Project E Beauty VORA Microcurrent Facial Roller sends a weak electrical current through the skin to tone the facial muscles. 3D kneading action effectively pulls and lifts facial skin while also improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and boosting collagen production. Get an instant facelift and a more refreshed, well-rested look after use.  


No batteries are needed. This muscle-toning device charges or takes in light through its built-in solar panel. The 360° flexible roller ball on each end delivers relaxing 3D kneading massages and can be used on the face and body. Suitable for an instant and non-invasive facelift, skin tightening, skin firming, therapeutic massages, and other anti-aging uses.


VORA has a unique "Y" design that enables the rollers to come in close contact with your skin. This facilitates the absorption of microcurrent from the rollers to the skin.

How Often Should You Use A Microcurrent Face Roller?

How To Use A Microcurrent Facial Roller For Lymphatic Drainage

This non-invasive treatment device is ergonomically designed which makes it easy to use on your own. The VORA facial massage roller therapy can be done once a day for 5 to 10 minutes each session. You can adjust treatment times and frequency depending on the condition of your skin. Use it on your face and on other parts of the body such as the waist, arms, and legs. Pro-tip: Do a quick roller massage before makeup application to enhance contouring.  

 written by Sophie Flair



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